A film by Yehuda sharim

For the Press 


We Are In It features visceral scenes from the everyday lives of Karla, Serges, Hussein, Nancy and Tutu. For all of them, Houston is their common space of struggle, pleasure, and shelter. The city is a second, third or even fourth city of residence, both home and metropolis of hostility. Here, they are safe, restless, part of a diaspora that struggles to find meaning beyond labels of foreigner, immigrant, undocumented, alien, and refugee.

Technical Specs

we are in it, July 2016

Filmed  in  Houston, Texas
Running Time: 107min
Ratio 16:9
Digital Frame rate  23.976
Screening format: DCP
Language: English, Arabic, Burmese, Swahili
Subtitles: English and Spanish


Directed by Yehuda Sharim

Produced by Yan Digilov and the Firestarter Group
Edited by Abbigail Vandersnick
Camera Operation Yehuda Sharim & Luis Afable
Translation and Subtitles Lorena Alvarado and Abbigail Vandersnick
Post Production Sound Scott Szabo
Post Production Picture Ryan Nguyen
Post Production Assistant Picture Dan Diaz 

Cast (in order of appearance): Hussein Alkhudari, Karla de Jesus, Tu Tu, Serges Amani, and Nancy Adossi.

Supporters: Kinder Institute for Urban Research, Humanities Research Center, Center for Civic Leadership, Rice University Part of Houston in Motion.